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Jan 10, 2010 12:00pm EST
from 9-11 that attacks on the united states destabilize us. they rock us more than they might have thought. and look, we're still recovering from the 9-11 attacks. and they want to get in and do it again. our great fear, the fear in the intelligence community is they'll come at us with weapons like a dirty bomb, weapons that raise the level of danger, just take it to a whole new level. that scares the heck out of people. >> i think there are two new sources that are going to be used against us now that people are concerned about. number one is that yemen has become a staging area. it's another place that we have to worry about. and i guess somalia is going to be the one after that. the second and really scary one is that the u.s. muslim community, for the first time, is producing potential jihadis. they're the five from the washington area who showed up in pakistan. there was hasan who was -- who did the shooting at fort hood. and up until now, we felt that we really -- that we didn't have a problem with our muslim community. but we may. chris: is that what the president was trying
Jan 17, 2010 12:00pm EST
president of the united states and democratic nominee and they go crazy. bill clinton is accusing obama of busing in supporters. he's saying he stole the caucus. hillary is so depressed. she turns to her husband and says, maybe the problem is not my campaign, maybe they just don't like me. chris: let's go to new hampshire. kelly. new hampshire was the second big round. hillary clinton upset barack obama at that point. a lot of people thought she won, because people liked her. there was empathy and she showed weakness in terms of her emotions. the clintons apparently read that differently. they said we beat this guy because we went for the jugular and we're going to do it again. >> the mind-set was a reluctance to allow her sensitive side to be seen, in part because remember she had been first lady and although not the softness of first ladies, that east wing influence when you're talking about the first woman president was uncomfortable if them when they wanted to portray her as tough enough for the job. to allow her to be seen as a softer figure they didn't think was politically
Jan 3, 2010 10:00am EST
president. he struck a lot of conciliatory notes when he was china. japan and the united states don't want that story line. they push back a lot on that. they are a little bit skidish about that storyline. that's not one that they want to see out there. chris: that's funny. they wanted to be the country that's part or the world again. >> right? >> absolutely. and there is a difference between the obama policy and the bush policy. they don't want to lose that america should lead the world. we set the agenda. if obama loses that and we saw it late last year when he accepted the noble prize, that fed into the storyline that he doesn't necessarily believe in american exceptionalism. it's more that i want to be president of the world. it's a very effective one. and i don't think -- i think that's a constant in american politic, people want the president to believe in america exceptionalism. chris: what do you think that this president is tilting to the world? >> i'm always amazed by people's warmth towards me. at the the same time having a president who grew up in indonesia. this was always goi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)